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I had a photoshoot a few weeks ago because I was so proud of the pants I'm wearing in it. My boyfriend was the professional photographer. Kudos to him! Luckily we had some grapefruit juice.

Sooooo, most of the clothes are from H&M. Actually, 3/4 of the outfit is from H&M:
the pants, the hat and my black leather boots. I love the pants so much!
They are my first printed pants and I've been searching for them for over 2 months.
I love it that they don't make me so little, because I'm petite.
I wear my black boots under everything if I'm not wearing Vans. I just can't live without my boots.

I got the black top from Pimkie before it closed here in Ghent. I usually don't shop at Pimkie, 
but they were holding a sale to sell all of the left-over clothes.
I like the top because it's shorter in the front and back and longer at the sides. It's great to show off my "abs" ~(0o0)~

It took hours to straighten my hair. Because of the heat outside that day, it began to "curl" anyway.

My boyfriend and me finally moved in in our new apartment. But we haven't unpack everything yet.
We're only sleeping there at the weekends because we have to work.
So here's a "What my boyfriend's wearing?" from February 14th.
We were celebrating Valentine at Ostend.

It's not a very clear picture, but I can tell exactly what he's wearing because I bought him 2/3 of this outfit.
(Yes, I got something with fractures today. The disadvantages of working at an accountacy office)
He's wearing a blouse from the New Yorker. Probably he's wearing a band shirt underneath.
The black skinny pants are from H&M. And the shoes are Slayer Vans
(he's very proud of them).

Tomorrow I have to get up early again to head out to Antwerp. I couldn't sleep that night so I stayed up whole night to watch up with all the Pretty Little Liars episodes?
Do you watch Pretty Litlle Liars? I like Supernatural more though...

I hope you guys had a day of F.U.N. today! I'm planning on doing another Outfit Of The Day tomorrow,
and will it not be tomorrow, then it's the day after tomorrow, or the day after that!

Hong Loan♥

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  1. Great pictures!