Let me stand next to your fire

I'm sorry for the lack of posts. I've just finished work and started school so I had to prepare a lot.

But I made some time to take some pictures. Actually it took two days to take these pictures, because the first day my camera 's batteries went flat during the shoot, so I had to reschedule.

These pictures were taken at day one. As you can see, the sun was still shining then.

And the day after, the weather in belgium was like this:

Rain everywhere!

I look kind of mad in the pictures above.

Have a little closer look on my eye make-up. Aster convinced me to do a cat-eye eye make-up, because he saw it in the Glamour-mag (which lays next to the toilet). So he's forced to read it when he has to take a long sh..... 

Jumping in the rain like a little kid.

The black lace stockings are from River Island. I fell in love with this store when I was working in Antwerp. I at least bought something from their store one on two days. 
My floral umbrella, which brightens up rainy days, is from New Look.
The high waist light denim shorts are from H&M, also is the pastel lace neck top .
The studded belt is from C&A, I bought it ages ago.
And the polkadotted brown-black sweater is from Forever 21 (They give me -50% on this sweater (*o*) )
and my trianle neckalce is also from F21.
And I bought the low neck Vans as you can see.
And I'm certainly  in love with them.

There was 0% Photoshop involved in this post.
So I can conclude that you don't need sunny days to create
good pictures.

A picture of Aster.
As you can see, Aster has long hair now.
And he doesn't want to cut it, 
(because I asked him a few times to cut his hair and he always refuses)
he just feels kind of free with long hair (like a hippie haha).

And here's me working on this blog right now in 
the cosy (not-tidy-yet) new apartment.

I hope you enjoyed this HUGE post.
And thank you A LOT for viewing my blog time on time.
I really appreciate it.

I wish you all a great evening/day
and stay tuned because
I have a lot more planned on my blog!

Hong Loan♥

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