Top - Thailand // Jacket - Mango // Fishnets - Primark // Jeans - Pull&Bear // Boots - Primark

It's been a while since I've posted one of these. The temperatures are dropping drastically, so I exchanged my trusty leather jacket (which I thought I lost for a month) for its winter version. Lately I've been ditching the skinny jeans and been wearing mom jeans instead. I love how comfortable they are but still give some shape. Fishnets are my new thing. I love wearing them with long dresses or underneath trousers with crop tops, just to give an outfit that little bit more edge. 




TOP - Topshop // SKIRT - DIY by my sister // Shoes - Superga

Even though I'm wearing a tight midi skirt, the fabric makes it comfortable enough to lounge in bed. I'm a big fan of having lazy Sundays in bed. Watching films and series on my computer while lying cosy in bed covered in sheets and a bowl of whatever snack next to me. I love the softness of both the pieces and like how the different shades of grey complement eachother so well. To dress everything down, I paired the outfit with some black Supergas. I'm not a sneaker kind of girl, but I love the simplicity of Superga shoes. 




LIPSTICK - MAC in Velvet Teddy // PHONECASE - OntwerpEenCase // 
BODY MIST - My Burberry // EYESHADOW PALETTE - Urban Decay Naked

The first 'Favourite Friday' of the year twenty-sixteen contains some high end-ish products. But to be honest, they're really worth the money. I've always liked the scent of Burberry perfumes and have been wandering around with a sample size of 'My Burberry' in my bag. When I discovered Burberry created a body mist with that scent, I had to have it. Sometimes the scent of perfumes can come over too strong. Body mists, au contraire, you can spritz on as much as you like without having that heavy scent.

I've been using one eyeshadow palette since last year which is The Balm's Mat(te) Nude. This year I wanted to go for more sparkling colours but still stay in the nude section. I opted for an Urban Decay palette and chose for Naked 1. I've been using this for one month now and I'm amazed how all the colours blend so well with each other.

Another nude lipstick has been added to my collection. 'Velvet Teddy' is the perfect everyday colour for me. I've never come across a lipstick colour that's so close to my own lip colour. And suprisingly for being a matte lipstick, it's still quite moisturising. I think MAC has changed the matte range's formula a bit.

I'm not planning on jumping on the bandwagon of having an IPhone because I never saw a reason to. The only reason I might think that the IPhone has an advantage in, is that they sell cute cases everywhere available only for them. I recently found a Dutch website that prints on cases for no matter what phone and am happy to share that now my phone also has the protection it needed in a really cute form. 

If you own any of these products, let me know what you think of them.




In the midst of winter, everyone longs for summer again. Well, actually not everyone. I don't. As someone who doesn't discriminate any season, I'm actually enjoying winter (partly due to a good winter coat to keep me warm). But who doesn't love a good throwback in time. As you might know, I'm not the most punctual blogger when it comes to uploading season-related pictures. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of when I spent my summer in London.




Croco Bag - Urban Outfitters // Mascara - Eyeko // Mascara Primer - Benefit //
Lipstick - And Other Stories

I had to type up this blogpost really fast before the clock turned to midnight and friday would be over. This time I've only been loving a few items and they turned out to all be beauty related.

I'm the only one in my family who wasn't blessed with long lashes and instead got straight short lashes. Because I can't be bothered with false lashes, I found the best formula to turn this curse around. A mascara primer is something that didn't exist in my dictionary until I got this lash primer from Benefit. It really gives some length to my lashes but I can't wear it on its own because it's tinted brown. So to solve that problem, I top off my lashes with the Eyeko 'Black Magic' mascara. I've been a fan of every released Eyeko product that it has my vanity filled with their blue boxed packaging. And this mascara doesn't disappoint. It gives the lashes an extra bit of lenght and curl. I highly recommend trying a lash primer if you have short lashes as I do.

I'm not really into the whole beauty world but one thing I'm obsessed with in that world is lipstick. I've said it every time I bought a nude lipstick, but this time I really mean it: I found the perfect shade of nude. I stumbled upon this shade when shopping for bath products in And Other Stories and swapped this shade. I didn't buy it then, but I kept thinking of it all day. It's one shade darker than my natural lip colour, what makes it the perfect nude lip. For this lipstick, I gladly step aside from a red lip.

That's it for my favourites. Let me know what you liked these couple of weeks. I would like to know.