Ieperfest 2012

It has been three weeks since I've been to Ieperfest, but it has been too awesome to not blog about it!
This 20th edition was the best Ieperfest I've ever been to!
It was totally worth missing the Miss Asia Contest. I was chosen as one of the finalists.
I really looked forward to the bands circled in red.
The rest of the bands were also really good! But those in red are really my favorites.

It was very early when we woke up to depart to Ieper. (With "we", I mean my boyfriend Aster and me.)
So that's why I was so grumpy on the train. I really need my ten-hour-sleep!

Arrived at the camping of Ieperfest, I relaxed under our sunscreen tent. Meanwhile my boyfriend proved his manliness and set up the tent.

It was so hot that day (actually the whole weekend) so I had to overcome my childhood watermelon trauma. When I was little, I always had to throw up when I smelled the scent of watermelon.
But I think it was just a little-kid-problem because I really enjoyed of this one.

I think my mouth looks very weird on this picture.
And now, here are some of the "red"-bands:


I really like seeing this band play. It transforms everything in a zombie-like athmosphere.
The vocal is the best in his genre (my opinion)  AND they have THE coolest bass player!

The Black Dahlia Murder
 I don't really took blog-worthy pictures of them, BUT
they sure were awesome! (Same for Congress and Trapped Under Ice)
There was one guy from the crowd who jumped on stage without any pants on,
kind of fapped and then jumped back in the crowd.
That sure was the weirdest thing I've ever seen on a show!

Rise And Fall
They've always been awesome! I saw them a few times now and 
they never disappointed me.
Really awesome hardcore-band from Ghent! (*PROUD*)

and then we have...

I only got this snap shot from Jakob Bannon, because I didn't want to miss their performance.
Converge played on Sunday and honestly, they were my number one motivation to attend this Ieperfest!
I really love this band! They got so much emotion and variation in their music. I almost died when they were performing though. The rope of the microphone got around my neck during a mic-grab.

To end this blog post, here are some more pictures of Ieperfest:

At the cooking spot, making noodles.

A tough-girl pose with a can of Fanta in my hand.
 My boyfriend wants this section on my blog called "What my boyfriend's wearing...".
So here it is:

Shirt: Converge's Jane Doe (silverprinted)
Pants: camo coloured pants from Carhartt

Love, Hong Loan♥

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