In my previous blogpost I said I bought lot's of make up  of the H&M cosmetics department.
Actually it's the first time I ever bought make up. I usually just put on a little lipstick to give my face some colour and that'll always do. But while I was reading in the September issue of Marie Claire, I got inspired and thought: "Maybe I should put on a little more drama on my face..."

So I grabbed all of my make up...

Yes, I Istagrammed all the pictures because the battery of my camera is empty and I'm too lazy to charge it.

I started with lining my eyes. The liquid eyeliner is from H&M. 
It's a quite good one because the point of the liner is so fine.

I also used this eye make up-kit from H&M for smoky eyes.

I contoured my eyes a little more with the black eye shadow and then I did some creative things.
My eyes look a lot bigger now, huh? (I tipped some gold underneed my waterline, just because)

Then I curled my lashes. I need this, because my lashes are so tiny.
(It looks like I'm torturing myself)

Mascara time! (I don't wear this a lot either)

Then I brushed my brows with this thing. It's called: "eyebrow fix".
This is something I do every day. It has some kind of gel and when you whipe it over your brows,
it will comb, hydrate and darken them.

Then I put on some blusher and whiped it off again. I just like the feeling of the make up brush against my cheeks. 

Then the final touch-up with lovely red lipstick from Clinique.

Result... (drum rolls)

I think I look very different, because I look at myself every day and this girl looks nothing like me.

I will end with a picture of my dog and me and Aster and me.

This is my dog Miko. I got her since I was twelve or thirteen.
I miss her a lot because she lives at my parents' home and  I can only see her at the weekends.

This picture was taken in Bruges on a very windy day. Aster and me have been together for three years now.
I'm very proud to say that because I'm proud to be with him and share my live with him.

I wish you all a good night sleep. Because sleep is important, it's very important to me though.
 And I'll be back!

Hong Loan♥


  1. R U planning on doing another tutorial? This is actually really good for ur first time try. Even I'm worse and I'm experimenting with make up for months.

    1. You're the same girl from Formspring, right?
      Yes, I'm planning to do another tutorial, but I want to record it this time.
      The problem is that I don't know what I should tutor about.
      I think you're make up skills can't be that worse.
      Just watch a lot of tutorials on Youtube like Michelle Phan (queen of make up)
      and try try try. It will get better. That's the way I do it.
      Good luck ;D