Army Rocker

I've been so tired the whole weekend. I'm not sure if I'm going to survive a whole work week.
But I tried my best to make another outfit-post.

Don't mind my face, I was very tired. I had to take a powernap at noon or else I would faint.
This camo printed rain coat is from Supreme Being. I bought it at Cream/Limits in Ghent.
Make sure to check that store out if you're in Ghent, they got a lot af amazing stuff.

I hung the coat on my shoulder in this picture. So if you thought the sleeves were too long for my arms, they aren't. I look so sleepy... d(-.-)b

I bought this cool printed shirt at Urban Outfitters. I immediatly bought it because of the open shoulders.
 My trousers are stitched with black leather on the side. (Not real leather ofcourse, I don't do that)
They're so warm and comfortable. It's like you're wearing a legging, but they are trousers.
And surprise surprise, they came from H&M

 And ofcourse I'm wearing boots. Today I went to Brussels, and I was wearing Vans.
So I don't always wear boots. Vans and boots, they're my essentials.

If we would play hide and seek in the woods in this outfit, I would be invisable.

I finally got another picture for "What's my boyfriend wearing?"

He's wearing the head of A Plea For Purging's vocal.
A skinny pants from H&M and ofcourse his DC shoes.
He doesn't change shoes too often.
He's someone who gets quickly attached to something.
And he's also wearing my unisex hat from H&M.

That's it for today! My energy bar is empty.
I'm going to watch the second best show ever: SUPERNATURAL!
(First comes How I Met Your Mother)
I don't watch Supernatural because the Winchester brothers are goodlooking, it's just the best ghost-/demon-/vampire-/...-show I've ever seen! Tomorrow I'll be posting a post (what else?)
about the 3th anniversary of Aster and me.
Good night... Zzzz...

Hong Loan♥

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