In A Gadda Da Vida

I've finally got to shop in Antwerp after work. I used a new tactic to not spend so much money.
So I promised myself to only spend 10 euros per shop. And it went great!
I bought almost all of the H&M cosmetics to test. I bought the items with which I could create a chic and natural look.

I also went for a search for stickers. I realised they don't sell lot's off stickers anymore in Belgium.
Luckily I found some kawaii ones in Zeeman.

Here's my Outfit Of Today:

I bought the black gold-dotted high-low top in Forever 21. It was a bargain. It only costs 8,99 euros.
I was surprised no one bought it,  because it's so cheap and so prettaay!
Then I heard someone say that she liked the top but she would never wear it because she couldn't combine it.

The black ribbled bandeau skirt came from Bershka. A black bandeau skirt is something you
must have in your closet because it's so easy to combine.

I got this bow waist belt from Thailand. I bought it at a flee market at night from an old lady.
She was so nice and had a lot of beautiful accesories. I bought the same belt in white, but I can't find it.
Moving in my new apartment made me realize how many clothes I actually have.
So today I made some packages with old clothes to sell or give away.

I bought these boots in Sac D'anvers. I was surprised of the great quality of the shoes.
(And I'm sad of the quality of the photo. Blogger put these weird lines on my photos)
The fabric of the leather is so soft. I can't say it enough, but I really love boots.
Practically, I wear them almost whole summer.

The golden studded headband came from Urban Outfitters. You can wear it as a necklace too if it's too tight on your head. I bought it during my 10-euros-per-store-challenge.

This is my little chicken. Chuck is his name. I got him for my birthday 2 years ago from my mother
and since then I actually drag him everywhere. I'm so fond of chickens!

I don't have any pictures anymore of Aster in his daily clothes, so here's some pictures of him skating and sliding at the Flemish Ardenes.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a great Sunday!

Hong Loan♥

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