Since I've done Paris in pictures last month, I thought it would be fun to do the same with my pictures from London because I'll be going back again in a week. I've postponed to upload this to my blog due to laziness of getting my external hardrive and plugging it into my computer. Anyway, London is like a second home to me. This time I had the time to pause and get pictures because I'm usually just stuck in the moment and forget to pull out my camera. Every single thing about this city, I love. There's so much to explore and the things I already explored never tend to get me bored.

I hope you also enjoyed this travel diary and I will work on squeezing in an outfit post. I will not be making any promises because it'll be a very hectic week for me full of preperations, my birthday dinner (together with my mum's) and my actual birthday. I've also got some film footage of this trip which I will hopefully get done editing and ready to post for next week.

Hong Loan

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