Coat - Pimkie// Jumper - Hand-me-down from my sister// 
Skirt - Zara// Shoes - H&M// Bag - Zara

I haven't been blogging for a while and the reason for that is because I've been quite busy lately and have been traveling multiple times to Paris and London in that period of months. I was also thinking if I would just convert my blog to moving images on YouTube but decided I will do both. So keep an eye on my channel if you haven't yet.

I was never an autumn person but this year the season really has grown onto me. It hasn't rain very much and the temperature has decended to something I actually find comfort in. Because I don't have a lot of Winter clothing, this inbetween period is great for me to just layer everything I have.

My love for leather will never be gone and yet again I fell in love with this brown leather skirt from Zara that i had to buy the black variation of it too. The colour is perfect for this season and also if I want to soften my look because black leather can look a bit too harsh, isn't it?
A couple of weeks ago I received a couple of hand-me-downs from my sister and found a royal blue variation of a jumper she handed me down a year ago. I absolutely love those jumpers because they're made from a material that doesn't give me itches or isn't too warm or too cold. And I thought the combination of royal blue and caramel brown wouldn't pair, but once I tried it, it changed my mind.

This past month, it looks like i've been collecting coats. I picked up this black duster coat. It's not very warm so I have to take every opportunity wearing it while the temperature won't be dropping any lower.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I will be blogging regularly again. Oh, and I've also cut my hair if you haven't noticed. It began with 15 cm and now I'm gradually going shorter and shorter.

Hong Loan

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