Dungarees - H&M// Shirt - Hand-me-down from my sister// Tights - Primark// 
Cut-out Chelsea boots - H&M// Bag - Urban Outfitters

You may know that I absolutely love dungarees because of my other blogpost. This short version of it reminds a lot of people of childlike clothing and I didn't want to look too childish, so I paired a wine red shirt underneath it instead of my usual Peter Pan-collared shirts. I found out that this wine red shirt, which my sister handed me down tohether with a lot of other clothing pieces, really compliments my skin and hair colour whenever I wear it. I'm also very happy that I finally got my black Urban Outfitters bag back. My aunt had it repaired after London wrecked it (it was a studpid incident, really), but it took so long to get it back because of the distance. I'm finally reunited with my favourite bag again :) That shall be it for today. Normally I'd post this yesterday, but I took a nap til 10 o'clock in the evening and until I was ready with editing and composing these pictures, it was almost 1 o'clock and I became tired again. So that's the story behind that. Bye.

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