Top: Pimkie// Shorts: Thailand// Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Rings: H&M// Hair accessory: H&M
When posting this, I realised this was kind of a boyish outfit. I painted my nails in this aqua blue colour last weekend and I really love how this looks. I grew my nails a little longer to make it look nice, but now I'm getting very annoyed by having such long nails. But I don't want to cut them because I haven't had such nice looking nails in years.
Have you noticed my hair turned back to a dark copre brown again? The black dye on my hair washed a little off and now it's like I highlighted my hair with the copre brown. I hope the black doesn't wash out completely because I'm too lazy to visit the hairdresser's again.
So, that's it. A very little blog post. I'll try to keep you posted, but my photographer (Aster) is busy with his summer job... It's a bummer, but yeah, we're trying our best. Have a good day everyone!!!

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