Messy Hair








Top: H&M// Cardigan: H&M// Shorts: Thailand// Boots: Sac D'Anvers// Bag: Lavand c/o Cream

 My hair was quite messy that day because... Euhm... I didn't wash my hair for days. But I actually like how it looked. I tend to find amazing places just around my neighborhood to take pictures. As you can see, I added a new cardigan to my poor cardigan collection. And i love these shorts my mum brought me from Thailand. She bought it in a lot of colours but the blue cought my eye the most. lately, I've been wearing these boots a lot. They're really comfortable to walk in and I really walk long distances because Aster always forgets to extend the date of his bus pass.

Are you excited to see my new hair colour? It's not the black that it was before. It's better! Well, you'll have to wait until the next blog post 。◕ ‿ ◕。


  1. Love the pictures! Do a wardrobe tour! You must have a lit of clothes

    1. Maybe sometime in the very far future haha. My dressing is just so messy and chaotic at the moment. :)