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 Cardigan: H&M// Shirt: Converge band// (Invisible) shorts: Forever 21// Tigh Highs: H&M// Bag: Six// Shoes: Urban Outfitters

 Prepare to see this cardigan a lot more in my outfit posts. I really should invest in cardigans, but it's so hard for me to find really good ones. If you haven't read my Ieperfest post (shame on you! It's the second or thirth post on this blog if you're interested), you don't know Converge is a band. So, no, this shirt isn't for sale in stores. But I'm really in love with this shirt and the album that goes with it (Jane Doe). Aster first bought me a Jane Doe shirt but when we started to move in together he wore it himself. So, I bought another one for myself at Ieperfest. They only had a men's medium left, so I chopped of the neckline to make it that loose-fitting-of-the-shoulder-shirt.

People tend to find this look provocative, but actually I'm wearing a lot more clothing than others (it was a warm summer day, people were walking around in short shorts and tank tops). There's only a small part of my legs visible and I'm even wearing shorts underneath my shirt to prevend people from seeing my behind. But I came to a point that I just don't care anymore that people stare at me. People stared at me whole my life because I was Asian, so I couldn't care less that they stare at me because if the way I dress. Maybe they just like it. It's more important that YOU feel comfortable and confident in your clothing. It's weird but I never feel comfortable and certainly not confident when I'm just wearing sweatshirts with blue jeans and UGGS. I hate UGGS. I don't think they look pretty nor comfortable. And the way you pronounce the brand name already sounds like someone's throwing up. Sorry for those who love UGGS. It's just my opinion.


  1. Gosh, you look so beautiful. I have a question. Did you have a lot bfs? I'm 18 and never had one. Is that normal? I'm just asking since you are so pretty and confident about yourself.

    1. Why, thank you! I think it's absolutely normal. You might think it's abnormal because people are going into "relationships" younger and younger (certainly in western countries). You don't have to rush in anything.
      I had a couple of boyfriends, but not many. But in that time I was mmore commited to surfing than my relationship with them. For example, I would always make excuses to not go out with them, just because there were good waves. So that weren't the best relationships, huh. I hope I helped you :)

  2. Such a well put together look. I wish I could find socks like that which don't fall down.

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Thank you :) the socks do fall down though :)

  3. You really look amazing in these pics. You have changed quiet a lot since I've first known you. Now you look even better :p . And it's obvious how your style is growing. You really have this Hong Loan thing now. It's stunning.

  4. beautiful pictures and I love the lazy-outfit... ♥
    keep in touch! :)

  5. perfect ! as a great fan of "over the knee" style boots or socks , I love so much this combination !