Big Ass





Top: Primark// Cardigan: H&M// Shorts: Vintage (used to be my mom's)// Belt: My mom's// Stockings: My mom's// Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I love how the combination of the top and the vintage shorts give this unique look which shows a bit of skin, but it's not too revealing. And i'm in love with this cardigan. As you know, I don't own much cardigans (for reasons unknown. I just forget to buy them) and these are really fitted around the arms and a little baggy around the waist. My creepers are really dirty. I wore them to help my sister renovate her garden and haven't washed them ever since. I thought the rain would wash it, but it hasn't rained yet.


  1. I saw you at Urban Outfitters!!! You were so beautiful but you were wearing a red cardigan instead.

  2. You should've said hi. Yeah, I changed for the pictures because I already wore that cardigan in a post.

  3. Red would be great too... though your outfit in the picture is to die for. :)

  4. Your new header is beyond beautiful!
    Such a high nosebridge! Jealoous!!

    1. Ha thank you!
      I don't like high nosebridges though. It's been a while since I saw a picture of myself in profile