Today, I woke up late and went window shopping afterwards. When arriving back home, I got so bored that I started reading my junk mail. And there it was what made me "WoohooW!" so loudly.

I'm selected out of 1047 models to model for a big Belgian brand's 50th collection: Mer du Nord!

In my previous blog post, I was complaining about the mediocre jobs I get.
My complains are finally being heard!


I also had some time to snap some outfit pictures for you.
The pictures are made by Aster, so were those from the previous post.

It was super cold today although the snow is melting away.
So I decided to layer a bit. Actually I was just planning on wearing the camel cardigan outside,
but Aster said I would freeze to dead if I would do that.

It seems like I have huge eyebags in this picture, but they aren't eyebags.
When it's cold, the skin underneath my eyes always get red, which make it look like eyebags.

I kind of like this picture.

I bought three crop shirts from Thailand two or three years ago. And I never wore it.
This one is printed with the YSL-logo.

I really love this scarf. It's a very long scarf and also very warm.
I got it as a gift from my godparents ages ago and I still wear it every winter.
I never buy new winter scarfs because I like this scarf too much.

Scarf: gift// Jacket: Supreme Being from Cream// Cardigan: Forever 21// T Shirt: Thailand// Jeans: Zara// Shoes: River Island// Bag: Pieces

Hong Loan♥


  1. Waoh! Congratulations!
    And I love your hair in this way!!!

    1. Oh thank you!
      I'm considering growing my bangs out.

  2. What clothing would you never wear? I've been wondering this for quite a time hhehe

    1. I don't like animal prints. Never wore it in my whole life because I think it looks kinf of cheap. Because I always see hookers and other non-polite words for women with loose hands, were it in movies. :)

  3. Hi, I saw Formspring was deas so I'm asking you here since you always reply your comments. How do you deal with haters? Recently I posted my opinion on Facebook and people have replied it with very negative comments towards me and started hating me ever since. I really didn't find it that big of a deal what I said.
    Actually I just said that I didn't think Rosie Huntington Whithley is that beautiful (it's the girl from the latest Transformser if you didn't know).
    After I posted that, people even made hurtful comments about my looks and said "this is how Rosie feels when you said that".
    I'm asking you because you seem like a person who stands up for herself and I wanted to know your opinion and advice.

    1. Formspring is indeed dying, so I don't mind that you're asking it here even though it's something kind of personal.
      People can always say their opinion except if it's inappropriate or racist. I think the people who have commented are ridiculous!
      I don't like Rosie blah blah either, in fact, I think she ruined the whole Transformers movie. And neither I think she is that beautiful. She may be a Victoria Secret model, but beauty is still subjective. Everyone can find something beautiful or ugly. That's why I don't mind if people started to call me ugly. Yeah sure, it can make you feel bad, but the most important thing is that you find yourself beautiful and there sure are other people who think that too.

      It's horendously stupid that those people started scoulding you on your looks just because of that Rosie. You're allowed to say that you don't think she's pretty. Even if you say it in her face, it's not that big of a deal. She's famous, she's handling bad comments all the time. It's not that because you said it, she will commit suicide.

      I hope this made you feel better. And if it doesn't, just Google pictures of Rosie without make-up and you will feel better.