Winter Paradise

Don't get misled by the title. I actually don't like snow, only the view pleases me.
I finally went outside to take pictures again to show you the outfit I've been wearing for a couple of days.
Yes, A COUPLE OF DAYS, because I have nothing really warm in my closet.
You might know I'm rather a summer/spring person than a winter person.

If you're wondering, the pants are from CoCo Fashion.
I'm still working on editing a haul video on my CoCo Fashion clothing.
So, I think this is a little preview on the video.
Here's a close up from the pants:

The fine thing about these trousers are that they look like biker pants (except that biker pants are leather)  and they are so detailed on the legs. AND they fit me perfectly!!!

The bag cam from Pieces. A jewelry (a word I can't pronounce properly) store which rarely sells bags.

It was already kind of dark when shooting these pictures, so it was harder to capture all the details.
But I think the pictures turned out pretty great.
It has some kind of vintage vibe.

I like this picture! Because of the snow; the fair skin and dark hair, it reminds me a lot of Snow White.

Sweater: H&M// Vest: H&M// Necklace: Pieces// Bag: Pieces// Trousers: CoCo Fashion// Boots: H&M

Lately I've been longing to go to Tokyo, Japan or just go back to Bangkok, Thailand.
I just miss being in Asia so much. I feel like I'm in need for an adventure,
because the last couple of months it has been nothing else than just studying, wandering in Ghent, go to Antwerp now and then, some mediocre modeling jobs,...
I'm always thinking that there's not enough time in life to do whatever you want.
They say college is the best time of your life. It is, when you make the best time of it.

So, I added a new resolution for the year 2013. Actually a new resolution for my entire college time.
I should try to do whatever my heart desires to.

So, after exams, I'm starting on my own clothing line.
Which I will design myself and even sew it myself.
I'm very excited to start!!!

I hope you have some great resolutions for yourself.
And I also hope you enjoyed this blog post as well.

Mandatory peace-sign picture.

Have a good night sleep!

Hong Loan♥


  1. Very pretty!!! Love the winter white!!

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  3. Great what you're doing right know ! I'd love to see you're clothing line :D grtjs Liselotte ph

    1. Dank je, liselotte! Ik kan zelf niet wachten:)

  4. Hello dear, I invite you to international contest on my blog:

  5. You're looking so natural and suddenly Korean in these pictures. May I ask you what your makeup secret is? And if you're wearing makeup here?
    Loving alllll the pics, so pretty

    1. Im just wearing a lot of moisturizing lipstick in these pictures. When I'm not lazy, I put on eyeliner on daily bases. For more festive events or parties just BB cream, eyeliner and lipstick. I love a more natural look than heavy makeup.

  6. You're so blessed to be born with light skin.
    Come to Asia and model here! You will never get mediocre modeling jobs anymore! haha
    I can not wait for your clothing line!

  7. Haha, wish i could come to Asia. Thank you, though!
    My skin isn't that light. Wish it was fairer (?) :)

  8. I am a frequent visitor in your blogs, this post is very interesting and easy to read .... I hope to visit again

    1. Hi, thanks for being a frequent visitor. I really appreciate it. See you soon! :)