LIPSTICK - MAC in Velvet Teddy // PHONECASE - OntwerpEenCase // 
BODY MIST - My Burberry // EYESHADOW PALETTE - Urban Decay Naked

The first 'Favourite Friday' of the year twenty-sixteen contains some high end-ish products. But to be honest, they're really worth the money. I've always liked the scent of Burberry perfumes and have been wandering around with a sample size of 'My Burberry' in my bag. When I discovered Burberry created a body mist with that scent, I had to have it. Sometimes the scent of perfumes can come over too strong. Body mists, au contraire, you can spritz on as much as you like without having that heavy scent.

I've been using one eyeshadow palette since last year which is The Balm's Mat(te) Nude. This year I wanted to go for more sparkling colours but still stay in the nude section. I opted for an Urban Decay palette and chose for Naked 1. I've been using this for one month now and I'm amazed how all the colours blend so well with each other.

Another nude lipstick has been added to my collection. 'Velvet Teddy' is the perfect everyday colour for me. I've never come across a lipstick colour that's so close to my own lip colour. And suprisingly for being a matte lipstick, it's still quite moisturising. I think MAC has changed the matte range's formula a bit.

I'm not planning on jumping on the bandwagon of having an IPhone because I never saw a reason to. The only reason I might think that the IPhone has an advantage in, is that they sell cute cases everywhere available only for them. I recently found a Dutch website that prints on cases for no matter what phone and am happy to share that now my phone also has the protection it needed in a really cute form. 

If you own any of these products, let me know what you think of them.


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