Skirt - H&M// Top - H&M// Boots - EBay// Coat - Pimkie

Now my hair has finally reached the desirable length (sort of), I started another debate in my head whether to cut some bangs again or not. Normally I don't let anyone cut my hair except my mum but after some browsing on Pinterest, I decided to cut bangs myself straight away at about some time after midnight. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes I don't. But I give you one advice that everyone probably already take for granted: NEVER MAKE DESICIONS AFTER MIDNIGHT!

Neutrals has been one of my wardrobe staples at the moment and let it be that H&M just launched a collection with neutral coloured pieces. I've always been obsessed with button up skirts that I already have three of them lying around in my flat. I just love the way that it makes my look more authentic.

P.S. For you who have been waiting for my "Winter Sale Haul Part 2", sorry for the delay. I'm editing it as we speak to upload it this weekend.

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