Fell On Black Days






Top: H&M// Skirt: New Look// Shoes: H&M// Bag: Urban Outfitters

I finally could wear this skirt out. I love pleather skirts. I also have one in a nude color. You really can tell that I have a weakness for everything leather. I was looking for a leather bag for a long time. I was going to save up to buy one online, but then I bumped into this one in Urban Outfitters (where I got an additional 10% reduction). I've worn this backpack since then instead of purses. I only tend to wear a purse when I go to a more formal event now. I decided to combine this skirt with a see-through top. It lightens the whole outfit because the skirt is already so heavy for the eyes. And then I added these pair of heels for a little height.

I'm still blogging with Chrome. I still didn't figured out the problem with Mozilla. It's really annoying to just open a new browser to blog. But yeah, I can live with it for now.

A few months ago, I mentioned that I did a photo shoot for Mer Du Nord, which was one of the quickest shoots I did. they were so quickly satisfied. Here's the result.
I think it's a very mediocre picture. When I first saw it, the first thing I said was "Meh". It's also not my style of clothing, too colorful, but it was fun seeing myself in a different style.
Mer Du Nord will be giving a party for their 50th year of existence. I think I'll pass the invitation because I have finals then, but it was fun working with them.


  1. skirt is beautiful on you.Ü Goodluck on your finals! :) Thanks for giving me insights on my blog. hope to hear more from you.

    hugs from the Philippines.

    ♥ Lally ♥

  2. amazing post & you look really stylish! your skirt, bag &shoes are in perfect harmony! comeby mine for a quick travelog in Cannes - see you there!

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