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I had to type up this blogpost really fast before the clock turned to midnight and friday would be over. This time I've only been loving a few items and they turned out to all be beauty related.

I'm the only one in my family who wasn't blessed with long lashes and instead got straight short lashes. Because I can't be bothered with false lashes, I found the best formula to turn this curse around. A mascara primer is something that didn't exist in my dictionary until I got this lash primer from Benefit. It really gives some length to my lashes but I can't wear it on its own because it's tinted brown. So to solve that problem, I top off my lashes with the Eyeko 'Black Magic' mascara. I've been a fan of every released Eyeko product that it has my vanity filled with their blue boxed packaging. And this mascara doesn't disappoint. It gives the lashes an extra bit of lenght and curl. I highly recommend trying a lash primer if you have short lashes as I do.

I'm not really into the whole beauty world but one thing I'm obsessed with in that world is lipstick. I've said it every time I bought a nude lipstick, but this time I really mean it: I found the perfect shade of nude. I stumbled upon this shade when shopping for bath products in And Other Stories and swapped this shade. I didn't buy it then, but I kept thinking of it all day. It's one shade darker than my natural lip colour, what makes it the perfect nude lip. For this lipstick, I gladly step aside from a red lip.

That's it for my favourites. Let me know what you liked these couple of weeks. I would like to know.


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