As you might noticed, my blog got a makeover as well as my domain name. I decided to change it to 'KIKI'. I was nicknamed Kiki by birth. It's very common in Asian culture to get a short nickname along with your regular name which often is quite long. Why I got this perticular nickname is unclear. I only remember my mum's childhood dog shared that same name.

Why I decided to change my blog name from 'Hong Loan' to 'KIKI' isn't because I don't like my real name. I like my real name so much that I never told anyone who had difficulties pronouncing my name that I had a nickname, just so they'd make an effort. Only family would actually call me by my nickname. I just thought changing my blog to 'KIKI' would be simple and would suit the style my blog is going.

That's it! No long explanations or deep meaning. Just KIKI.


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