With Valentine's Day around the corner, you probably want to look your best whether you're having a date with your boyfriend or crush or having a Gal-entine's Day with your girlfriends. That's why I paired up with DailyLook to create a Valentine's look for you guys where you might take some inspiration from.

Little black dresses are a must-have in your wardrobe. You can where it in any occasion whether you want do dress up or down. I chose for a little black shift dress because personally I don't like skintight dresses. The silhouette makes the dress flirty and yet not too revealling.

I don't know where I'm spending my Valentine's Day but living in a country where it's 0° Celsius for the moment, it's essential to bring a coat wherever I go. To spice up the plainness of the dress, I added a leopard coat. I love my leopard coat to dead and I don't know why but it adds some level of romanticness to every outfit.

Because the coat is already really loud, I chose for a nude heel with a big sturdy heel because you never know how much walking you have to do.
I'm not really a jewelry girl but when I'm wearing jewelry it's almost certainly some dainty rings. I loved the look of these rings from DailyLook and House of Harlow together. Finishing the look with a nude lip colour from Nars in Honolulu Honey because who wears red on Valentine's Day nowadays? ;)

Enjoy V-Day with whoever you want and I hope you have lot's of fun!

Hong Loan

P.S. Still haven't found a V-day look yet or in need of some new LBD's? DailyLook has a wide range for you to choose from. CLICK!

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