Button up - Zara// Skirt - New Look// Cut-out Chelsea boots - H&M// Bag - Urban Outfitters

After a long roadtrip to Paris, I kind of channeled my inner Wednesday Adams. My boots got really dirty from walking but I'm to lazy to get them cleaned as I'm also too lazy to comb my hair today and that's the reason why it looks so flyaway. I'm really can't help buying new boots. After the boots form last blog post, I promised myself that those would be the last pair for a long time, but I lied to myself. Shoes are my weak spot. But the good thing is that I'm kind of rediscovering my wardrobe again. Like this neoprene A-line skirt that you might spot in last Summer's blog post, makes his debut in this early Spring again. And then this button-up which I practically always wear, is one of my precious buys because of the wide range of combinations in outfits. That's it for today. I hope I can blog a lot more during my Easter vacation because afterwards I'm starting my internship at Labelcrush and I'm a bit worried I'll be to busy to blog.

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