A Day Off





Leggings: eBay (seller: noveltytrading88)// Vest: Vintage (pre-owned by my mom)// Top: Sparkle and Fade (Urban Outfitters)// Belt: H&M// Shoes: River Island// Bag: Lavand (Cream)

I'm really a eBay-addict. I've been strolling around eBay and buying things there like crazy. H&M also sells these leggings but theirs has thicker stripes (I also own that pair) but I like these more because the stripes are thinner and it tends to make you slimmer.
 I bought this bag today at Cream, a shop in Ghent which sells brands like Motel Rocks. I really like the design. Every year, I buy one bag and use it through a whole year and I'm really happy I chose this one because I didn't own a tote bag yet.


  1. Your outfit is great! You shouldn't feel bad cause you didn't get to wear your shorts, because this is really stunning. You look beautiful. The red lips really suit you.

  2. cute outfit... love the bag. ♥
    Keep in touch!

  3. another great look ! I love those leggings, I think to buy them too !

    1. You should! They would fit you great!