Fixing my socks and shoes before shooting.


Top: H&M// Shorts: Thailand// Headband: Thailand// Oxford boots: New Look

I haven't these shoes in ages but I rediscovered the cuteness of it. I love all clothing from Thailand. It's all so cute and it feels like it's tailored for my body type. I recently bought that lace cropped blouse in H&M and I love that it has just the good amount of sheerness to wear a bralet underneath it without being provocative. Since I got center partings now, a headband like these fit me really good. When I still had bangs, my hair always popped up when I wore it. But it's all fine now.

I volonteered today at the Lush store in Ghent for international kissing day. I didn't had to give anyone kisses (luckily). I had a lot of fun and they were so generous to gift us a huge packet of their cosmetics. I wore a bright lip all day to support their lip tint collection, that's why I have this bright color on my lips in the following picture:


  1. when are you visiting Thailand again? i rlly want to meet you! where are you planning to go then? And whatthai dish do you like to eat?

  2. I'm hoping on next summer. I'm going to Bangkok of course, Udon maybe to visit my niece, if my parents are coming with I'll be going to Ayuthaya too and I want to go to Pukhet too for some surf. I'll be there probably for a month. It'll be great meeting you if you're in the neighborhood.
    I like to eat all thai dishes. But the thing I miss the most is Kanom Jeen from a stand next to Kosikorn bank and right across the bridge from Platinum mall in BKK.

  3. are your eyes always this dark or do you wear circle lenses? You really have some great pair of eyes.

    1. Yes, my eyes have always been this dark. It's really dark dark brown that it almost looks black. i never wore circle lenses before. i want to try it though, just to know how I look like with it. And thank you!