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Cardigan: H&M// Shirt: River Island// Shorts: Forever 21// Tights: Primark// Shoes: Stylenanda

You might think that my shoes are extremely big, but I like bulky shoes. And they are extremely comfortable. I saving up for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Tardies, but I'm still undecided about the color. I thought the combination of the 3D-flower shirt would look great with a leather short. It gives a sweet touch to the toughness of the short. I was very happy when seeing this short because I've been looking so long for some colored leather shorts. I really need more of them, like in pink and black.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday when we're going to an all-you-can-eat in Tilburg, the Netherlands for my little brother's birthday. I'll snap some pictures if I can, when I'm not too busy eating. But I can't promise anything because the food is really distracting.  It's literally a whole mansion filled with food. I'm going to starve myself already till then.

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  1. like it better without the belt to emphasize that cute white top. :)
    fresh and beautiful as always.

    hugs from the Philippines ♥