Sheer blouse: Zara// Tube top: H&M// Pants: Dr. Denim// Shoes: River Island

Can you believe that these pictures were just taken at our apartment? This is my fake fire place where I stall my shoes in and on. Only my most worn and favorite shoes get a place on that fire place. Thus, in fact all my boots and Vans (≧ω≦)

I'm still not used to my new hair yet. And my hair is growing super fast. I can already see the dark roots.
I might have the Rapunzel-syndrome. I think it's kind of weird that dying my hair didn't had an effect on the condition of my hair. It's still very thick and the quantity of hair has remained the same. Before I dyed my hair and was still considering if I should do it or not, people told me not to do it because it would damage my hair badly and it would make my hair thinner. I guess my hair is really strong.


  1. You remind me of many Korean models.
    The hair really suits you well! And the banner is so cute!!!!
    I love everything about every pic.
    Really, blog more often. I wish you did this daily.

    1. haha thank you!
      I know I'll never be able to blog daily unless if it's my fulltime job.
      But I appreciate bloggers who blog almost daily.
      I'm trying to update as much as possible and people like you encourage me to really do it.
      Which korean models particular? kekeke

  2. love your shoes!
    i follow you!

    1. thanks! I'm in love with these shoes :D