Ways to Wear Band Shirts

There are all different kinds of band shirts.
Mostly you buy them on the show of the band itself and just buy a shirt even if it's not your size.
Here are some tips to help you style them.

The Oversized Shirt

You can see that the neck opening of this shirt is way bigger than normal band shirt.
It's because I cut the neck opening this way for my big head.
Here I'm wearing a Converge "Jane Doe" shirt and paired it with H&M shorts and a studded belt.
I don't know where the studded belt came from because I have had this one for ages.

And here I paired the same shirt with just a black skinny jeans which is more appropriate for school
,in stead of shorts.

The Fitted Shirt (a.k.a. The Girlies)

I wore this fitted Born From Pain-shirt with a floral laced bandeau skirt from Urban Outfitters.
This gives the look a more feminin side.

You can also pair fitted shirts with a good pair of jeans from Zara. You can combine everything with a good pair of jeans. This shirt I'm wearing is from Aborted.
You might know the band from my Ieperfest-post.

The Medium Sized Guy Shirt

I borrowed this A Plea For Purging shirt from Aster.
I wore it several times mysef because the picture of the vocal in the front is just too cool.
And I paired it with a high waist jeans from Thailand. It has buttons in the front and a ribbon.
The good thing about clothes from Thailand is that they are perfectly sized for me.
It's like having a tailor and the quality from their clothes is really good.
You should expect less because the prices are so cheap.

The Small Sized Guy Shirt

Here I paired a At Half Mast shirt with a creme-coloured chiffon skirt.
A fun and girly look.
On his way to the toilet, Aster took a picture with me in his Aborted shirt.
By the way, the band At Half Mast quit, sad enough.

My fringe is growing way too fast.
I've cut it last week and it's poking in my eyes already.
And! I finally received my tripod. That's why there are so much pictures of me. So glad!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your weekend a couple days ago!
I didn't. Well, a little. I just had so much preparing to do for oral presentations.

And I hope you go check out these bands which I mentioned.
I put all their Facebook links on it, so don't let it be a waste of work.

Good night and sweet dreams =)

Hong Loan♥


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