Prom (+Flair)

Friday evening, there was a prom of our college taking place.
In stead of all bringing a date or something, my friends and me made it into a "girls night".
I never had a prom before in my life. But I didn't have high expections.
Like in the movies there are always prom dates, crying girls, hotel rooms, girls wearing huge dresses like wedding dresses,...

This is what I wore:

So, I'm wearing a white chiffon high-low skirt from New Look, A corset top from H&M (ages ago), limited edition necklace from New Look, Studded bangle from H&M and platform hig heels from Steve Madden.

These were just some quick shots of my outfit because I was running out of time. I only had an hour to get myself ready and I spend most of that time showering.

These are my lovely friends. I met them last year because we all sat in the same class (with 2 other lovely girls who couldn't made it to prom). The best people I met that year. I'm going to shut up about this year's people because it's horrible.

Some camwhoring in the lift. Look at us, we're so prettyyy!!!

We got a prom picture taken. I couldn't find the picture of the five of us. Probably the photographer deleted it because we went several times to to take pictures.

I look like an alcoholic with always the beer in my hand.
It was quite a night. And I had lots of fun with fantastic people.


For those who missed my debut in Flair-Magazine or for the non-Belgian readers, I took a picture for you to see. How sweet am I?
This was the doublespread which was also placed in miniature size on the front page and the index page.

This was my page. All blue, dark blue and aqua blue. Not the colours I'm used of.

And this is the original picture. I'm not so keen of this picture though. There was a better one.
It was very fun shooting for this shoot. Everyone was so nice to work with.
And they even promoted my blog!

I realised that I usually blog on Tuesday evenings. I'm just waiting for my tripod  to arrive for more outfit pictures, beauty tutorials and blah blah.
Because it's just too cold and rainy outside (Belgium...).
Then I will try to blog more frequently. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post (or watching this post, for the lazy people who just look at  the pictures). I will update soon, or at least next Tuesday.

Hong Loan♥


  1. I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

    1. Yes, ofcourse! Following back right now