What's in my bag?

What the title says. A lot of people ask me why my bag is so heavy.
Well, now you know...

Behold for what's in my lovely Steve Madden-bag.

 My BlackBerry and ITouch. Actually I use my IPod more than my cellphone. I'm not a lot of a texting or calling type. My cellphone has been out of money since months ago. Yeah, I can live easily without cellphone.

My bunch of keys... Yeah, I have a lot of keys. There's even a key in that bunch which is broken, but it's still hanging there because that key was so special to me... No, joking, I'm just that lazy.

My TokiDoki-wallet which my brother gave me. I got really attached to that wallet actually. It's colourful, kawaii and sooo big, so all my cards can fit in it. 
And then I have a little wallet for my change.

I wear glasses, so I always have them with me. I don't wear them a lot, actually only to watch tv or to look at the white board at school. That's about it. I should wear them more, because I got really bad eyes but I don't want to.

Pens are always convenient...
And I'm always carry around my travelling passport because I'm scared if I leave it at home, I will never find it again. I'm not showing you the picture in my passport because it's horrible.

I've been bringing my travelling tickets with me for a week. Tomorrow, we're heading to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I'm really looking forward to it!

The beauty products I'm carrying with me:
1. Tweezers, I don't know why... Since I got a fringe, I'm too lazy to pluck eyebrows.
2. A vintage old mirror.
3. Louis Widmer Hand Balsam. I only use it for the scent. It smells like babies 。◕ ‿ ◕。
4. Maybeline lip gloss which I never use because I think all lipglosses smell weird. 
5. Maybeline lipstick. This is an every-day-use because it got the same effect as Labello, but much more pretty.
6. Sunglasses. i carry it around whole year, even now winter's coming in Belgium. it may come handy when paparazzi is following me. ಥ⌣ಥ (will never happen)

My bag is multi-functional. It's also used as a trash can. And I'm to lazy to clean out my bag. I even found Sambal Oelek in one of the side pockets...  (´ヘ`;)

My college is organising a prom in a couple of weeks. And I've been searching my outfit together for prom from time to time. Well, these are my shoes:

They are Steve Madden's. It's 15 to 20 cm high I think, but to are so comfortable. NOT what I expected! Actually I hate wearing pumps, but these shoes match perfectly to my sling bag. Really a different kind of pump, not those boring ones.

This was a quick blogpost before I go to Amsterdam.
I hope you all enjoyed it.
I won't be blogging till I come back, BUT you can follow my journey through Instagram.
(The link contains my profile)
Okay, wish me a safe trip!

Hong Loan♥

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