I'm a friend with Benefit

Are you looking for a man? Don't look any further! With "Finding Mr. Bright" from Benefits, men will come to you when wearing this.

So, now you're wondering:"What's in this cute little box?"
Well, a lot more than you think. Benefits always has such cute packages and drawings on their products.

This box includes four products wich will help you brighten up your skin. AND it's very handy to bring with for traveling. you can touch up anytime because of the mirror in the box. And no matter how little your purse is, you will always be able to carry these four items.

Okay, let's introduce the products:

Girl Meats Pearl

This is a liquid with a pearly colour for on your face. You can put it under your eyes to give it more focus.

Posie Tint

This is a lip gloss in a cute shiny pink colour. You can also use it as a cheek stain to give your face a natural colour.

High Beam

This is a fond de teint (like they say in France, I don't know the word in English). I use this to cover up the red spots around my nose or to cover up my eye bags.
then I use the High Beam first and then put a little of Girl Meets Pearl upon it.

Erase Paste

With this magical paste, you can cover up all your imperfections, such as scars or pimples.

These items are for daily use because of the natural colours. But it's not because it's natural-looking, you can't stand out of the crowd. This whole package brightens your face and will make you more confident. 

To end, you have to scroll pass my face (which is wearing "Finding Mister Bright" only and no eye make-up at all). I'm wearing a Born From Pain-shirt here. And I like the fitting of the shirt. Because most bandshirts are really too large for me.

You can buy all Benefit-products at Inno. (o_-)

Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Hong Loan♥

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