Hi everyone!
Here's an update from the trip to Amsterdam.

The trip didn't begin very well actually. Our bus had a delay of 4 hours, but we weren't aware of it, so we waited for 4 hours in the freezing cold. Luckily I packed my furry gloves and cap.

We had to ride 4 hours to Amsterdam. On the way, we stopped at a McDo for some food and I saw this:

Aster and I were watching Supernatural the whole time in the bus and it reminded me of:

The roadhouse café in the Supernatural show. "It's hunting time!"

McDo was my first meal of the day and it was already seven o'clock in the evening then.
Look at my face, so satisfied that my tummy got some food.

Here's a blurry picture of Aster at our room at the Bed&Breakfast in Amterdam.
Actually our B&B was just a room of an apartment of a very friendly Italian guy.

Morning in Amsterdam. This was our view from our room.
We had to wake up very early because we arrived very late in Amsterdam the night before because of the delay.

I'm getting ready here and that moment I realised I forgot both my eyeliners at home. And all the make-up I had with me in the Urban Outfitters bag were quite useless because I never wear it.
I actually only wear eyeliner.

It was also freezing in Amsterdam. In this picture, it reminds me a lot of Ghent.

A picture of Aster and me. 

Okay, then we went to visit the Sex Museum.
I'm not posting all the pictures because I don't think they're very appropriate.

Okay, some places at the Sex Museum were very pretty. Like this, with all the mirrors and pillars.
The old staircases of the whorehouses are also very beautiful.

A lot of pictures at the walls and weird bowls.

A yellow-ish picture of Aster with two giant dicks.

A butt with eyes. It was blowing steam and made weird noises when I walked pass it.
This was the most weird museum I have ever visited.
But the Dutches are very open-minded. Sex for them is not a taboo to talk about.
In Belgium, we're more shy to talk about that subject.

I got to shop a lot! So many stores there and the shopping streets were like labyrinths for me.

Preparing for Halloween.

Aster wanted some candy. He's such a Fatty Mcfat Fat.

The pictures turned yellow-ish because of the bad lightning there.

I got some Pop Rocks and some sour candy.
I love sour candy more than sweet candy. It has been like that since I was little.

Picking my nose in front of a huge shopping plaza. I was actually searching for a Primark, but didn't found it.
It's so hard to find one, because Primark is always situated in the middle of nowhere.

We finally took a rest and I finally had a chance to eat my sour candy in peace.

Then we headed to the Hardrock Café. And saw some people play giant chess. It reminded me of the first Harry Potter movie where my niece almost shat her pants because of the triple headed dog.

We sat at the bar to feel more like hunters of the supernatural (we're really obsessed with that show).
They have the best onion rings at the Hardrock Café and it's so much fun there because of the music.

Okay, that's it. Amsterdam was so much fun!
I would highly recommend to visit Amsterdam.
Now it's studying time because of the partial exams I got after this week of vacation.
I hope you enjoyed this update and have a good night.

Hong Loan♥




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