Clothing Outlet Ghent

Today I went to a clothing outlet in Flanders Expo, Ghent. It's only once a year where some shops in Ghent sell their  clothes for till minus 85 percent of the actual price.

I was actually quite dissapointed when I arrived. I thought it would be decorated but actually it was just an open space with some stands. And the prices weren't very cheap either. I expected like Thailand kind of cheap, like 3 for 10 euros or something.

This was a stand from WESC, they sold everything from their summer collection. Although there were a few thick sweaters too but at a price of 70 euros (0o0)! They had these cute baby outfits!
But my baby isn't going to wear such expensive clothes, NO WAY!

My boyfriend trying to be experimental with the camera.

I kind of liked this short. It had sheep wool on the pockets and on the ends. But it was too little for me. =c

I was going to buy this necklace from Victoria for my sister's birthday this Wednesday. She loooooves pandas, but when I asked for the price,  I changed my mind. I bought her a bracelet with little amulets on it instead. (I hope she doesn't read this post till Wednesday.)

This was the cheapest price for clothes, but unfortunately it was all size L or XL.

I liked this wallet a lot. It has a rose on it, which refers to my name. But sad enough, it has too less space inside. My wallet now is like a huge wallet with lots kawaii figures on it from Tokidoki. My brother bought it for me in Berlin, Germany. But it's bursting now. Not because of the money, but because of the useless pieces of paper I throw in it.

A little black rose purse.

Then there was this little stand with typical clothing stores in Ghent.
It was all so colourful!
(And too big! Nothing is "asian-size" haha, joking, I fit in everything.
It just wasn't my style.)

A really cool retro print shirt. It would be awesome on guys,
but Aster refused to wear it.

A ray of cute girly pandas.

SpongeBob rubber boots. Sadly not in my size.

Five wishes with my monkey paw.

This is my catch of hte day.
A bleu-green dress with a golden necklace-ish collar.
It was 25 euros -.-
It's a size M/L, but I can pull it off =p

By the way, I have bags of clothes I want to get rid of for really cheap prices.
From dresses to shorts, I'm selling it all for a max of 5 euros.
If you want to take a look, just contact me.

So, what's Aster wearing today?

A wine-red pants from Berschka, a black zipper from H&M and a Deceiver-shirt from the band Rise And Fall. If you love hardcore music, you have to check out Rise And Fall and if you're not, then you also must check them out.

I have been having trouble with a pimple on my nose for a week. Pimples are very rare on my face, but I guess I deserve it because of eating fries everyday at work. But I got rid of it without buying expensive products which doesn't work. You just have to buy wet whipes and whipe all the grease of your face once in a while. So the pimple will not have the grease to grow and live on and it will dry out and vanish from your beautiful face. Make sure to not cover up your pimple with make-up. A pimple needs to breathe (I know, it sounds weird), covering it with make up, makes it even bigger.

Tomorrow I'm starting my last week of work. My co-workers wanted me to go to work with a fishbraid tomorrow, so I'll do that.

After work, school starts immediatly for me. It's going to be very busy, I think. I'm not prepared at all.

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy your week.

Hong Loan♥

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