Simple Life

Since I'm done with moving to my new apartment (unpacking is another story -.-), I'd finally got the time to do my first ever "Outfit Of The Day!

So here it is! I had to wear sunglasses because the sun shone very bright today.
Otherwise I had made very weird frowning faces on the pictures.

The white skirt is from Atmosphere. I got it from my sister. The skirt actually doesn't fit me very well. It's too big! But I love the knitting so much, so I always wear a waist belt with it.

The waist belt is from H&M. It got these gold studs on it, which I LOVE!
The silver slippers are also from H&M.

The necklace was a gift from a monk.

The black shirt I'm wearing is from Bershka. It's not just a regular shirt.
Let me zoom this in for you:

 I call this a simple look, because you can where it everyday. And it's not expensive at all.
(Most of my clothes aren't...)
Because I'm at my mother's and not at home with my boyfriend, I searched through some pictures for the
"What's my boyfriend's wearing".

And what a beautiful pose! So, he's wearing a shirt from A Plea For Purging.
We saw that band once and  we're still talking about it because it was so good!
The shorts he's wearing are from the band Carnifex. And the black shoes are from DC made from soft leather.

I hope you enjoyed my first OOTD ever! I sure enjoyed it!
I wish you guys all a nice day!

Peace and love,
Hong Loan♥